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13. July 2019by Marcel Vautier0

Hi guys!

A lot of things have been happening behind the scenes so its time for another MV News!




Releases on Vautic Records

First of all, as many have noticed, there is some trouble with the availability of many of my tracks. This is because they were signed to the label Midnight Coast, which (as I stated already here) went out of business and thus, took all my tracks offline from stores and streamers.

I learned from this and as you already know, I am putting the tracks back online myself, on my own label Vautic Records, which is solely under my control. So no one needs to worry about availability anymore. At least that’s what I thought.

Unfortunately, a label called Arctic Frost has started claiming those Midnight Coast tracks and forced me to take them offline and put a halt on the idea of having them on Vautic Records for now. I am currently taking steps to clarify this issue as I still want to stick to my word. Frankly, I am shocked that the „music biz“ is really as crazy as you always hear in stories. I don’t know if I am more angry or sad about that.

In the meantime I apologize once again to my fans and hope for your understanding that I am doing my best to get the tracks back to you ASAP.

Fortunately enough, this only affects my previous songs that were signed to Midnight Coast. New stuff is unaffected and will be coming very soon on Vautic Records! So stay tuned on that one 🙂

In the meanwhile let me announce some other new music that is available soon!




Marcel Vautier – Bohemia

Finally a new original is coming! “Bohemia” is another classic melodic progressive tune similar to “Animata” and “Colors”. It will be part of the “Summer Melodies Vol. 3” compilation over at my friends of Summer Melody Records!

I am an honest person so I must admit that I am not entirely happy with the mix I did on this one, with the sound quality not being up to the standard of what I would like to produce. This is my fault and I cannot change it anymore as the release is already on distribution. I am hoping that you can enjoy it anyway and I am planning to make up for it with an improved alternative version of “Bohemia” soon on Vautic Records!

“Summer Melodies Vol. 3” will be available via this link as soon as released

Beatport pre-order: 12th July
Release Date: 26th July


Marcel Vautier Guest Mix for Summer Melodies show

This month I had the chance of showcasing my music as part of the Summer Melodies radio show! You can listen to my 1 hour DJ set over here at DI.FM. I included my new track “Bohemia” as well as a yet to be revealed remix of mine! It also contains some of my personal favorite progressive tunes from the last years that I am sure you will enjoy! 🙂

Listen now to the mix on DI.FM


That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy and support and if you have any thoughts feel free to let me know below!

Hear you soon,
Marcel Vautier

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