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11. May 2019by Marcel Vautier0

Hi guys!

Long time no news! But that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened 🙂 Over the last couple of months I have been busy preparing the future of my music. Let me bring you up to speed on the latest!




Introducing: Vautic Records

This is probably the biggest change in a while. To make it short: Vautic Records will be the record label to release all my future original tracks on.

As you might have noticed, my former partner label Midnight Coast has vanished from existence, which means that all my tracks on that label have now disappeared from stores (Some background on that here).

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who bought or streamed the releases and now cannot access them anymore.

To prevent this from happening again, and to put all my music in one single place that is under my own control, I have decided to create Vautic Records. In the near future my original tracks will be re-released on this label so they are accessible to you again. I also have some new stuff in the pipeline that I will gradually release on Vautic Records! I will keep you updated here on everything 🙂




[Re-Release] Marcel Vautier – Animata / Nikko EP

Let me introduce to you the very first release on Vautic Records, which will bring Animata and Nikko back to the stores! You know the tracks but this is not just a simple re-release. I have taken my time to re-master both tracks myself and I think they now sound better than ever. I hope you agree and will have a re-listen!

Beatport pre-order: 13th May
Release Date: 31st May


Michael Rehulka – Dreaming (Marcel Vautier Remix)

Some time ago I received the opportunity to remix one of my favorite progressive house tracks, which is Dreaming by Michael Rehulka! I finished this remix during one of my visits to the north coast of Spain where I tried to catch the atmosphere of those endless views and waves against the cliffs 🌊

It was released on April 22nd as part of a tribute compilation on Alter Ego Records.

Grab your copy now on Beatport

And check out the preview on Alter Ego’s Youtube channel! ⬇️


Hope you enjoy and support and if you have any thoughts feel free to let me know below!

Hear you soon,
Marcel Vautier

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