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11. January 2020by Marcel Vautier0

Hey friends!

I hope you had a good transition into the new year and that you like me are looking forward to all the great new music we will see in 2020.

So what do I have planned for this new year?

First of all, I am moving into a new apartment and with me my ‘studio’ also moves. I have lived in Geneva for the past 5 years and got totally accustomed to the sound of having my studio space in a large attic loft without any acoustic treatment whatsoever. The new apartment is in Zurich and will instead have a very small room for music, and it is square shaped with a glass front on one side. The producers among you know that this is kind of a nightmare scenario: Small, square shaped rooms tend to have standing room modes just in the middle where you are sitting. Glass reflects high frequencies like nothing else. All in all it looks pretty bad. But hey, music is my dearest hobby, so I will make it work. This means I will try all kinds of acoustic treatments in the room to hopefully get an acceptable sound and be able to evolve my sound. That will take a while so I presume that there will be a couple of months without music production ahead ;(

Other than that, the year started absolutely great. My current track ‘Mira’s Forge’ got supported in the well known ‘Best of Progressive House’ series at The Grand Sound. At the same time, I am preparing a new track that will be a free download as part of a progressive house compilation over at Progressive Penguin. Then there are a couple of my remixes ready for release at Summer Melody records (3 in total). And one more remix I finished just now before moving. It will be in ‘Animata’ style, so I am sure a lot of you will love it. It will be released on a new label in the Progressive House realm, hopefully still in this year.

So despite not having updated this blog for a while, I hope you see that I am still working hard on music and will release as much of in 2020 as possible.

Stay tuned for more news, hear you soon,

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