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22. December 2018by Marcel Vautier0

So that’s it for 2018. Phew. Time to sit back for a moment and reflect on what has happened.

For me, 2018 was all about building a foundation for my music. A year mostly working behind the scenes, improving my production skills and planting the seeds for what is to come. But it also saw a couple of releases. Along the way I was fortune enough to get featured a couple of times – a big shoutout to Progressive Penguin.

My music entered Spotify, Beatport and Youtube and it was even added to the catalogue of a streaming service for retail shops. Wow. I learned to design my own covers, built my own website, established social media accounts and learned quite a bit about branding, marketing and promotion. Sure feels like building a small company.

But the highlight of 2018 was yet to come. I owe it to the fabulous Michael G. Riga over at Midnight Coast Group who discovered my track Vectria and immediately signed me to the label and overwhelms me with his support and trust to this day. I still can‘t believe how lucky I am and if I was not working hard on my tracks already, for sure now I am.

All in all, my project folder shows around 30 tracks for 2018, less than I have ever done in a year BUT almost all are complete and finished songs. Among them some Remixes for the likes of Michael Rehulka, Ciree, Eric de la Vega and of course also many originals. I can‘t wait to push all this material out to the world!

But now it is time to shift down a few gears and rest for some days before sprinting again into music production with full power. I want to give 2019 only the best that I can do, and create tunes that will hopefully capture many hearts out there. For sure all my passion is in them.

Thanks to anyone who supported me in 2018. Much love and hear you with a lot of new tracks in 2019!

Warm regards,
Marcel Vautier

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