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1. June 2020by Marcel Vautier0

Long time no post so I thought its time for an update!

Move to new studio

The new studio in Zürich is coming along well. I have now almost all acoustic treatment in place to take productions to the next level. There are high-mid range absorbers on the ceiling, left & right of the listening position and in the front between the speakers. Turns out the walls of the room let most low frequencies pass through, so quite happy to not have many bass reflection issues. Its not perfect but much better than the zero treatment that I am used to. The KRK monitors are sounding better than ever. At the same time I am playing with the thought since months of replacing them with a pair of Neumann KH 310…

At the same time I minimized the studio further. The desk had to go as had hardware like the monitor controller and the small Genelecs. What’s left is better acoustics and less distraction. I believe my music will profit from it, and I hope you will hear it soon 🙂

Plan for Vautic Records

Vautic Records didn’t see a release since “Mira’s Forge” back in November last year. Doh! Well, there’s a good reason for that: For a long time now I have been working on the very first Marcel Vautier album! There’s still a lot of effort to be put into it but I am happy the track selection stands and I am now working on tuning every track to sound like they all belong together. The biggest issue here is my many production mistakes I did in the past, including not caring much about mono compatibility and not referencing enough against other producer’s work. This all needs to be fixed now. I promise to better myself! And I need to – as I decided to master the album myself. I’d like to be able to say that I did all the work from start to finish, all the music, and including things like the design of the album cover (So far I have 10 versions! lol).

Another issue that is embarrassing me quite a bit now is the production quality of the older releases on Vautic Records. I didn’t pay much attention to pleasant volume levels and a uniform sonic quality for the label. Since with the album I will set such a standard, it itches in my fingers to remaster the old tracks. I’m not sure if it’s a “cardinal sin of EDM” to swap the audio files in the releases that have been online for so long, though…

Other Music

Although the album plan pushes back the production of other songs, I am happy to say that I have some songs upcoming on the Summer Melody label. For more news around that best follow me on Facebook.

Summer Melody has also published a short summary of my releases so far on the label. Make sure you check this out! 🙂


That’s it for now, stay tuned for further album news and take care!


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